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Overall Diné Education Philosophy



We are the Holy People of the Earth. We are created between our Mother Earth and Father Sky. Our home, the four sacred mountains, with the entrance to the East, embodies our Way of Life. It provides strength and peace within us.


Spirituality, intellect, planning and life have been instilled within us; through these attributes we attain knowledge and wisdom. We shall combine the best learning and knowledge of other societies with that our own for the benefit of our future.

With that, children will walk with beauty before them, beauty behind them, beauty beneath them , beauty above them, beauty around them, and will always be respectful and live in harmony with natural law. Our children will go forth in life endowed with what is required to achieve their ultimate aspirations.

Goals and Objectives


The goals of the Office of Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Development are to plan, promote, develop and implement Diné language, culture, history, and government programs in schools on and near the Navajo Nation as follows:

  1. Create and publish instructional materials and testing instruments for the teaching of Diné language and culture.
  2. Incorporate Diné language and culture data as part of the academic achievement profiles and assessment measurements, i.e. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).
  3. Coordinate with other Department of Diné Education programs, Diné College and Navajo Technical University and other universities in providing resources related to Diné language, culture, history and government programs.
  4. Coordinate and implement the Navajo Traditional Apprenticeship Project.
  5. Seek external funding for materials development pertinent to best educational practices of Diné language, culture, history, and government. Resolution No.: HEHSCO-031-12 Health, Education and Human Services Committee.

Memorandum of Agreement With Public Schools


Navajo Nation and New Mexico PED

  • Aztec Municipal School District
  • Central Consolidated School District
  • Bloomfield School District
  • Farmington School District
  • Gallup McKinley School District
  • San Juan School District

Mission Statement


The human resources of the Navajo Nation is its most valuable resource. The Navajo Tribe, as a sovereign nation, has a responsibility to its people to oversee the education in whatever schools or school systems they are being educated, to assure their education provides excellence for all Navajo people is one that fosters:


  • The formulation of age, grade and/or developmentally appropriate competencies in all basic areas of academic and cognitive skills;
  • Competence in English language skills and knowledge of American culture;
  • Competence in Navajo language skills and knowledge of Navajo culture;
  • The development of Navajo and United States citizenship;
  • Self discipline and positive self concept;
  • Preparation for lifetime responsibilities in the areas of employment, family life, recreation and use of leisure; and
  • An attitude toward education that encourages lifetime learning.

Title 10

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